Revamped some content on the front page, Working on the store. Another 300 or so pictures up in the galleries from a May ride in Laramie. Snow was awesome, made it to the lake the day after. Working on a dirtbiking gallery also. Not many news updates, but plenty of new pics.


Added several Galleries over the last few days. Also a few video clips. Snow is falling again. Hope to be out riding this weekend somewhere.


More Galleries in the pics section, also added a lot more pics in the crew sections.


Added a new Guestbook, Forum, and Gallery. Still working the bugs out, but you can check them out and le tme know what you think.


We were finally deleted form the UW Server, so the site has been moved and somewhat updated, not everything is going again, but getting close.


The new Aden Wood Cornice Drop Desktop is now available, and the fans are going wild. Check it out for yourself. Don't be the last one on the block to get yours...

Added a couple new galleries, Waterdog and the S Games Demo. Also a couple more pics to the Ramp Construction.

Its almost time for some trips to the dunes and some guality dirt bikin. Along with that usually goes a few months of not updating this thing. Hopefully it will be updated periodically, but we'll have to see.


Added Hollywood and Whale Tail to the crew page,  Still waiting for the perfect picture.  Freestyle Show at the Range went well.  Hope to do it again next year...


Check out the WyoFreride Crew up at the Snowy Range Games this weekend. We'll all be up there hucking ourselves off the new ramp. Stop by and pick up a shirt...


The Probation Violation is on, and we are headed to Jackson. Check out the pics from the Sled X.com Freestyle comp. Sweet side by side tricks. Check out Dwaynes site and the Excon Site for more


WyoFreeride.com Shirts and Stickers are done and ready to be sported by those that are brave enough. Email wyofreeride@hotmail.com for more info


Check out the new Wyofreeride Racer Page (still under construction) as well as the new crew members


We got our very first sponsor this weekend. Brent, Betty, and Scott Cheeney of Cheeney Racing helped us out in the finance department so we can go ahead and get some merchandise made. Thanks a ton for the support...


Finally getting around to start updating this thing, put some pics from the XGames and from the Encampment Freestyle Show in the Misc Section. Check em Out . Our buddy Roy at ExconFreeride.com got hurt last weekend in a freestyle show in Michigan. Hope all goes well with his surgery. Good luck to him..... If anyone would like to send donations to help out, or just send a card, contact him at exconfreeride.com


Put up some new pics from the weekend. A few ridin and a some of the Big Hill Bash. Check out all the new pics in the snow gallery and on the Misc page. Don't forget to check out Stinkles crash pics too.


Need to know whats going on around here. Sign up for the Newsletter. New today.


WyoFreeride now has its own forum for everyone to post their rants. Check it out and sign up....


Just found a new site with some sweet threads. www.AK-49.com Check it out and buy some stuff.....


Homecoming weekend was a success. The Cowboys won and the blender got finished. See the first part of the evidence (courtesy of Paige) here.. I just got around to putting up some of the pics from Rendezvous for Kate here.


Its official, WyoFreeride.com is now for real. We'll be making shirts, hats and stickers soon.


Put some more pictures up.  Got some moto pics here  and some lake pics here.


New Crash Pics Here.  Check em out


Primer at my house this Saturday before the game..... Be There.......


My X-Rays are here (xray 2 screwed up so its the same as 1 until I fix it)


I finally made it back to school and will hopefully have time to add a bunch of pics from this summer.  Also have some nice ER shots from when I broke my shoulder July 23rd. I'll put up the Xrays too if they'll scan. If you're around, dig out your beer goggles, cuz the party is about to start....

Also have a new site for everyone to check out www.PintoRacing.com They have some sweet sleds and bikes for sale for anyone thats looking (I'm always looking but never have any cash)


I'm gone for the summer, back to Pinedale to work, so the site probably won't get finished until school starts again, unless I scrounge enough money for a computer so I can work on it at home.

Till then, ride hard.......


Wanna Party???? Be at my house friday night. See the Flyer


Changed our name to Wyo Freeride, home of the Wyoming Wrecking Crew, so far I like that better that wildman racing. Probably keep that for a while, unless a better one comes along. Still taking suggestions from anyone on other ideas.....


Welcome to the first official site of WildMan Racing, I'm still working on the new site, and we aren't 100% decided on the name, so any input is cool. The old site has moved to here for now. The more ideas the better. Other possibles are WYO Freeride or Wyoming Wrecking Crew. Any input helps, so email me any ideas. Hopefully this page will get updated from time to time with new and exciting news, cool links, and other interesting stuff. Speaking of cool links, make sure to check out ExConFreeride.com and Driftjumper.com for some cool pics and stuff (Some of them I even took, but they look much better after Cory touched them up)