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Aden Wood

Team Duties: Rider, Entertainer, Drinkin Buddy

Hometown: Laramie, Wy Age: 21

Ride of Choice: 03' 700 Pro X, Oldie 700 RMK

Favorite Trick: Heelclicker

Nickname: Aids, Mr Wood, Laramie's Best Kept Secret

Hobbies: Mtn Biking, Dirt Jumping, Avoiding Work

Shout Out To: Don Woooood, Cock Star

Sponsors: Excon Freeride, Drift Media, Sled X, Stud Boy, WyoFreeride, True Value of Laramie

Droppin' in by Lake Marie
Bustin on the tramp
Encampment Freestyle Show
Biking in Laramie
Aden Goes Huge
Double Can at the Snowy Range

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